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Growth Shares & 2020 OTS Report

Summary This note is a response by Pett Franklin LLP to

Employment Related Securities Bulletin

Pett Franklin's upgraded website is now live

New Website

Pett Franklin's upgraded website is now live

Budget 2021 – Extending EMI?

Budget 2021 news and the relevance to share schemes

Remuneration guidelines of the Investment Association

The Investment Association has written to the FTSE350 with recommendations

Selling Your Company To An EOT

William Franklin hosts a webinar on EOTs and how they differ from MBOs for the ESOP Centre & FS Club series of seminars

Pett Franklin advises technology company

Pett Franklin have implemented a bespoke non-EMI share scheme for Landlord Vision

EMI Options and Furlough

HMRC has confirmed its position on EMI schemes and satisfying the working time arrangements

Joint Share Ownership Plans – How do they work?

Guidance on some of the central features of JSOPs

Awarding Shares To Employees In A Covid-19 World

William Franklin hosts a webinar on how to make good use of the Share Incentive Plan

EMI and Furloughing

Latest news on the impact of furlough on EMI working time requirements

Corporation tax deductions in the context of employee share schemes

Guidance on the recent case of HMRC v NCL and its relevance for SBP legislation