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Coronavirus – Pett Franklin Response

Given the current situation in relation to Coronavirus, we wanted to update you in relation to our planning.

We are set up to work remotely and while there may be times when we take longer to respond than usual as we adapt to the present circumstances, we have facilities structure designed to facilitate flexible and effective working from out of the office. We have been using a private cloud system for many years and do not anticipate significant interruption to our services.

In line with the latest Government measures and recommendations, our team will not be required to travel to the office and will be operating primarily from home during the Covid-19 outbreak. Office presence will therefore be reduced to a minimum and not all members of the team will be reachable via our office number 0121 348 7878 and calls may not always be answered.

Please use email in the first instance: individual team members can be reached at their respective email addresses; alternatively, please use address for general enquiries.