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Employee share schemes can be a challenge for accountancy firms supporting their clients. Clients often seek tax advice from their accountant or advice relating to:

  • accounting for share based payments (IFRS 2),
  • what the best share scheme is for the business,
  • how and when to make filings,
  • valuing shares,
  • and various other niche questions.

And in many cases clients ask their accountants for legal documentation for awards such as EMI.


Pett Franklin, as well as being a law firm who can help your clients with all the legal aspects of employee share schemes, is a registered training office for the ICEAW. We are therefore uniquely placed to support accountancy firms in helping their clients in our specialist areas such as tax valuations or share based payment while leaving you to concentrate on your areas of expertise.

For instance, you may be conducting an audit on a client with a material share based payment expense and need a second, independent opinion on the assumptions used to reach that expense and whether these are reasonable and correctly calculated.

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How Pett Franklin can help

We work with accountancy firms across the United Kingdom and globally to help them deliver the best possible service to their clients.

Our niche expertise means we can slot in to help deliver for your clients. Whether you would like us to engage with your client directly, work through yourselves or act as an outsourcing partner, we are happy to engage in which ever way you want.

As a law firm we are able to design and execute all the legal documentation while also being accountants ourselves we are able to speak your language.